Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Lake Compounce proves memorable for first-time visitor from Ethiopia
Dawit Leake relaxes on the Lazy River at Lake Compounce.
By Dawit Leake
BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. – For a visitor in New England, Lake Compounce amusement park is definitely a place to see.
Its historic legacy of 170 years in service and its great thrilling rides made my first visit to an amusement park a memorable one. 
For a first timer, Lake Compounce was a pretty good experience, and its water park was more my pace than the high speed rollercoasters.   
I first rode Boulder Dash, a modern wooden coaster in the classic style. My heart raced as fast as the coaster as it sped up and down along the side of a small mountain.
After Boulder Dash, I took on my wise first-timer’s instinct and went on the calmer water park rides.
The water park section was definitely new for me.  I have been on slightly slower coasters in the past, but never have I experienced rides related to water.
The Lazy River was by far the best of the water park for me. I was so into it that I had to go on again. The calm movement of the inner tube floating along on the gentle current just before the Croc O-Nile – a slide detour – makes this attraction something I could do all day.
While visiting America, spending a day at an amusement park – I recommend Lake Compounce if you are in New England – is a great experience.

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