Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Youth Journalism International focuses on World Cup

A new Tattoo issue -- available at www.ReadTheTattoo.com -- takes on the World Cup, with stories from Durban, South Africa to Tucson, Arizona. We're not going to predict a winner or even tell you the game scores, but we'll tell you what it all means. On the ground in South Africa, we have three Youth Journalism International veterans -- Mariechen Puchert in East London, Nicole Megan Gounder in Durban and Gerald Soon in Cape Town (she's actually from Singapore, though). Both Puchert and Gounder weigh in on what the World Cup means for their country. Gounder also has short news stories on the new airport in Durban and the death of Nelson Mandela's great granddaughter following the World Cup opening ceremonies.
There is also a story from Tucson by Youth Journalism International reporter Mariah Pulver, who talked to local soccer players and coaches about the games. From Amsterdam, YJI's Caroline Nelissen sent in photographs of the decorations connected to the World Cup. And that's not even everything.
Here, by the way, is Gounder, at the airport in Durban:

But not everything in the current issue is about the World Cup.
From Mumbai, Youth Journalism International newcomer Pushkal Shivam wrote a scathing opinion piece denouncing the recent verdict of an Indian court that sentenced seven former Union Carbide officials to prison. In Hartford, YJI senior reporter Kiernan Majerus-Collins has a story about the effort by Connecticut musicians to help rebuild a music school leveled by the earthquake in Haiti.
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