Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Young reporters visit oldest amusement park

Beth Criado-Band /
Student reporters Mugdha Gurram, Luke Ashworth and Alan Burkholder of Connecticut and Dawit Leake of Ethiopia in front of Boulder Dash, a top-rated wooden rollercoaster at Lake Compounce amusement park in Bristol, Connecticut.
What are the rollercoasters at America’s oldest amusement park really like? Youth Journalism International Senior Videographer Beth Criado-Band of Perth, Scotland, decided to find out by asking a couple of experts - her fellow reporters during a recent visit to historic Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. Check out her video of their day at the park, and find out what they said about the coaster:

More on YJI's 2017 visit to Lake Compounce:

Video: Restoring the Wildcat at age 90   Lake Compounce General Manager Jerry Brick explains to Youth Journalism International reporters about the restoration done this year on the Wildcat, the park’s historic wooden rollercoaster.

Navigating Crocodile Cove: from high speed slides to gently floating on the Lazy River Read reporter Luke Ashworth’s top reasons why the water park Crocodile Cove is one of the coolest places at Lake Compounce.

Rollercoaster guide for scaredy cats   Reporter Mugdha Gurram offers 10 tips for how to conquer your fears and ride that coaster.

Lake Compounce proves memorable for first-time visitor from Ethiopia   Reporter Dawit Leake shares his first amusement park experience as a visitor from Ethiopia, sampling everything from the high speed coasters to a gentle water ride.

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