Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Celebrating Christmas in Belgrade

Milica Cvetkovic /
Belgrade dressed up for Christmas.
By Milica Cvetkovic
Junior Reporter
BELGRADE, Serbia – Christmas is around the corner. While some are planning how to spend the happiest holiday season ever, others are cramming over their books, trying to pass their final exams.
But, honestly, no one is really thinking about college or their poor salary on the job right now. According to some optimists, Christmas time is one of the happiest seasons of the year. Some people were so overexcited about it that the celebrations began in the fall.
When you live in one of the best cities in Europe for having fun and partying, it’s more than normal that your hunt for presents and Christmas euphoria starts extra early.
Milica Cvetkovic /
Lights brighten up Belgrade, Serbia.
This is a benefit because life is about having fun and enjoying every second.
So if you have the opportunity to come to Belgrade, Serbia this season, don’t be surprised if you see a New Year’s atmosphere.
Milica Cvetkovic /
Candy canes for Christmas!
This year’s holiday season started back in October, which was a surprise even for the Belgradians. Although Belgrade is the city of generous people, endless partying and having fun, it was kind of unusual to see Christmas decorations above Knez Mihailova’s street or Republic Square – one of the most popular destinations in Belgrade – months in advance.
Milica Cvetkovic /
Christmas lights in Belgrade, Serbia light up the night.
The Christmas season is a time when the university campus becomes the main spot for hanging out instead of studying about Roman law. If you walk there by accident, you can see a lot of young people drinking cola and hanging out while listening to music.
If you’d rather not revive your college memories by walking across the campus – and probably getting lost multiple times – you can always go to Knez Mihailova’s street, one of the main pedestrian zones in the city. When you’re there, take a selfie at the Republic Square, or sneak into the park of Parliament and take a New Year’s photo of one of the beautiful buildings there.
Of course, if you are coming to Belgrade, don’t miss the opportunity to buy something in a Belgrade shop or enjoy some of Christmas-themed parties because when you are in Belgrade, do what Belgradians do: have fun and forget your problems at home!
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