Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Olympic Games begin with women's football

Mariana Prince Cardoso /
In the first match of the Olympic Games in Rio, women's football teams from Sweden and South Africa took the field.

By Mariana Prince Cardoso
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Two days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, athletes took the field.
Women’s football teams from Sweden, South Africa, Brazil and China entered the field in Stadium João Havelange, known as "Engenhão" here in Rio.
Traffic near the Olympic stadium was intense in some parts, because one lane is exclusively for Oympic use. That’s caused some complaints by taxi drivers and local residents, who face fines of $1,500 Brazilian real, or almost $465 U.S. dollars if caught using it without proper permission.
Mariana Prince Cardoso /
A match between women's football teams from Brazil and China followed the game between Sweden and South Africa.
Mariana Prince Cardoso /
During the women's football match between Sweden and South Africa on Wednesday.
The audience for the 1 p.m. game between Sweden and South Africa was small. Many of those present were Brazilians and supported the South African team, but the Swedes were the fans doing most of the singing.
Sweden was the first team to score in the competition and won the game 1-0.
At the same stadium, the match between Brazil and China took place at 4 p.m.
The Brazilian team dominated from the start and had the support of almost all the 28,000 fans. Many times brazilian fans chanted cries of support for the Brazilian team, especially after the goals.
The game ended at 3-0 and the celebration continued in the streets around the stadium.
Mariana Prince Cardoso /
Scoreboard showing the final score of the women's 
football game Wednesday between Brazil and China, 
with Brazil winning 3-0.
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