Thursday, May 5, 2016

Celebrating East African Music in Kampala

Daniel Gilbert Bwette /
A singer with a Tanzanian band from Dar es Salaam performs at DoaDoa on Wednesday.
At the Ugandan National Theater in Kampala, the Fifth Edition of DoaDoa, the East African Performing Arts Market, began on Wednesday, May 3. Youth Journalism International Senior Photographer Daniel Gilbert Bwette captured these images from opening night. Click on any photo to enlarge it.
Daniel Gilbert Bwette /
The instruments of the Entenga Drums Music Performers, a Ugandan group.
Daniel Gilbert Bwette /
A percussionist from the Tanzanian band of Dar es Salaam performs during the opening day.
Daniel Gilbert Bwette /
African music promoter Oko Drammeh speaks at DoaDoa.
Daniel Gilbert Bwette /
A discussion with African music promoter Oko Drammeh, left, led by event organizer Faisal Kiwewa.
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