Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rains Continue To Pound Chennai, India

Jereme Kennedy /
A motorcyclist drives through the flooded streets of Chennai, India.
By Jereme Kennedy
Junior Reporter
CHENNAI, India – Rain has resumed after a break in the downpours that have flooded the city.
The city endured a deadly two-day pounding and the impact remains.
Major network providers such as airtel, Aircel and Vodafone are down. Many people are without power.
It’s been difficult for many residents to learn the whereabouts of friends and family around Chennai. Major roadways are blocked due to the flood.
Many areas of the city have been completed flooded and people were forced to vacate their homes and relocate to government-provided safe locations. (Story continues below.)
Jereme Kennedy /

Streets in East Tambaram, a part of the city of Chennai, India, after rains flooded the city.
Jereme Kennedy /

A public park in Chennai, India after incessant rain flooded the city.
Jereme Kennedy /

Some of the floodwaters of Chennai.
Jereme Kennedy /

People wade through the flooded streets of Chennai.
Though flood waters had drained in the East Tambaram area, people there are still having a hard time getting basic grocery items like milk, water and eggs.
ATM machines are out of cash.
But the good part is that many able-bodied people are helping with food in the areas where conditions are worse.
Many people in high rise buildings are providing accommodations and a few privileged ones are enjoying the rain and its benefits.
Jereme Kennedy /

Walkers along Hasthinapuram Lake in Chennai. 

Jereme Kennedy /

Torrential downpours in Chennai left neighborhoods flooded.

Jereme Kennedy /

Some people, like this man who caught a fish, found a small benefit in the flood.
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