Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toronto Tour 2014: Meeting The City And Each Other, Then Working Together

YJI reporters Yelena Samofalova and Mugdha Gurram, both of Connecticut, enjoy the Toronto Harbourfront.
By Mugdha Gurram
Junior Reporter
Youth Journalism International
TORONTO, Canada  – Toronto is a large and beautiful city, and we were welcomed kindly by the people we met there, although the collies with us may have had a part in that.
Even though we spent most of the day at the Harbourfront, we did get to see a lot of Toronto while walking around the city, guided by our friends who live here.
Connecticut YJI reporters fueling up for the day on falafel sandwiches in Toronto before meeting their peers from Canada. From left are Mugdha Gurram, Yelena Samofalova, advisor Steve Collins, Mary Majerus-Collins and their collie companions who charmed the city, Sandy and Janey.
Toronto Tour 2014 had YJI

reporters traversing the city
on foot. 
Mary Majerus-Collins /

Toronto has a lot of diversity, which we could see in its vast population in the streets.

We saw people of all different professions, religions and ethnicities in the crowds around us.
Although we didn’t go to the WorldPride festival going on in Toronto, we were happy to see Toronto’s support for its gay community in the flags that were hung up in shop windows around the city.
We also saw the various acts of several street performers. There were jugglers, fire-eaters, instrumentalists, magicians; you name it and Toronto had it. Many of these street performers drew quite the crowd, inspiring ooh’s and aah’s from their audience.
YJI reporters Caroline Nelissen from the Netherlands, on the left, with Connecticut reporter Yelena Samofalova in the center and at right, YJI alum Teague Neal of Toronto.
As visitors from a suburban town, we enjoyed the city’s pretty skyline. It’s even better at night, when all the buildings are lit up. Perhaps the most beautiful part of all the skyline is the CN Tower with its changing lights.
YJI reporters converged on the Toronto Harbourfront and worked together. From left, Lubaba Samin of Toronto, Caroline Nelissen of the Netherlands but studying in Toronto, Mugdha Gurram and Yelena Samofalova of Connecticut, Mehran Shamit of Toronto. 
The architecture of the buildings was beautiful, and at least in some cases, more complex and quite different from what we see in our Connecticut town.
Along with having beautiful buildings, Toronto also has enormous ones. Standing next to the skyscrapers and looking up to their roofs makes me feel miniscule, especially since I’m only five-foot-two.
Toronto is an amazing city, and although I was sad to leave it behind, I got to take a lot of great memories with me.
Mugdha Gurram / youthjournalism.org
Toronto buildings offer a range of beautiful designs and styles.

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