Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eagerly Awaiting Nina Nesbitt's 'Peroxide'

By Robert Mooney
RICHMOND, North Yorkshire, U.K. – Over the last few years, a lot of catchy tunes have come from the British music industry but very few singers who are truly great.
Just as I was about to lose hope that the United Kingdom could produce another great vocal artist, my faith in the industry has been restored.
Nina Nesbitt, a Scottish singer/songwriter with four hit singles restored my hope. Signed to Universal Music since 2011, Nesbitt has so far produced material which is catchy, honest and sounds good.
A talented British artist, Ed Sheeran, noticed Nesbitt, who started in the music industry as yet another YouTube star. She released her first single, “Live Take,” in December 2011. I imagine this was quite a big step at the time, having only just left school.
Despite Nesbitt being a newcomer, both Nesbitt and Sheeran have to be two of the most talented and hardworking recording artists in the British music industry. They are also the sort of artists I admire, writing their own material and recording songs that sound good.

I find myself listening to Nesbitt almost every day, enjoying the catchy but raw sound in many of her songs. The real test for me is whether the artist sounds as good when performing live as they do on the recording.
Usually I find that the artist sounds nothing like they do on the recording and this is the moment I get disappointed.
But with artists like Nesbitt, it’s very different. Far from being disappointed, I find myself wanting to listen over and over again.
It’s not something that happens too often.
There are not many artists that will get me listening to them almost daily, but Nesbitt is an exception.
I say that I like her music because it’s catchy, but to be an artist that I really enjoy, it has to be more than that.
One, the performer should sound as good live as they do with a backing track. Two, they have worked hard to get where they are now and three, that they do not get carried away with fame. I know this may not matter to some when just listening to music, but for me, Nesbitt fulfills all these.
On February 17th, Nesbitt will release her debut album, Peroxide, and I can tell you now, I will be one of the first to get it.
“Selfies,” a single from Peroxide and a song that makes fun of photographs of the same name, will be released Feb. 9, just a few days before the album. A sneak preview on YouTube has already convinced me that her material is consistently good.
The song’s music video, despite being released before any other new material, has more than half a million views on YouTube, so I await the real product with great anticipation.
Nesbitt is not the only talented singer/songwriter to come into the British music business, but she is one of the best and without a doubt, one of the most hardworking.
What Nesbitt has produced to date is not far from outstanding. I look forward to hearing her future material and any news on the new album is likely to be music to my ears.
Peroxide is certainly one to look out for in the future and I’m sure that we will be hearing more from Nesbitt in the months and years to come. It would be a huge disappointment to lose such a talented singer due to lack of popularity, so I suggest we get behind our artists and support them as much as possible.

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