Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hungry Filipinos Take Desperate Measures

Regiem-Melech H. Ocampo
Junior Reporter
SILANG, Cavite, Philippines – In spite of the early preparation of different local governments, official weather forecasts and President Benigno Aquino’s reminders, the people keep on blaming the government for typhoon troubles.
They blame the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration for not explaining how strong the strong surge would be after Typhoon Haiyan - known as Yolanda here - and Aquino for slow action in attending to the needs of the victims.
As many news outlets have reported, the super typhoon left people almost without hope.
The typhoon’s victims are crying for help, demanding food, clothing and medicine. Hunger and the traumatic experience of the storm left people desperate and emotionally unstable.
Many were so desperate that they broke into stores for food and a ship carrying goods that was stranded on land was looted. People have attacked trucks or other vehicles that contain food.
Aquino ordered the deployment of police and soldiers to secure order because of looting.
In an interview with Philippine news outlet ABS CBN, Civil Defense Office spokesman Reynaldo Balido said, “We have sent substantial (forces) there and if we need to add some more, it won't be just the police but even the armed forces.”
As of Monday, Aquino declared the country under a National State of Calamity. It was estimated that about 26 billion pesos or more will be needed for the recovery.
Many nations and organizations are sending money to help with relief efforts.
Not yet recovered from Yolanda, the Philippines was hit this week by another tropical depression named “Zoraida.”

Compared to Yolanda’s brutality, Zoraida was far weaker, with 55 kph wind, or about 34 mph near the center. It later dissolved into a low pressure area as it moved away from the country.

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