Sunday, September 1, 2013

For Freshmen: Exposure To New Points Of View Is Key To Expanding Your Mind

By Rae Martin
Junior Reporter
Youth Journalism International
WINDSOR, Connecticut, U.S.A. – The school year rolls around and so much smack is constantly talked about it. Yet, where would you or I be without it?
I would never have imagined myself coming to the defense of the American education system. And I’m not in this piece. What I am doing, is coming to the defense of a byproduct of it.
Our whole world view and disposition is dependent on examples and experiences of things we don’t agree with. It’s this philosophy of truth through contrast that I’ve been espousing for some time.
You know that girl who insists on the world revolving around her? Or the guy who says things agreeable with a particular mindset while refusing to be exposed to any others?
I’m assuming if you’re spending time to read this online then you mustn’t be like one of the stereotypes I listed. So tell me, if you never had the live experience of people like that, would you be in quite so much disfavor of them or their approach to life?
I defy you to tell me that if you had simply read about those types of people somewhere, or heard about them from a friend, that your viewpoint in reference to their fallacies would be polarized as strongly as I’m guessing they are now.       
And on the other side, is better understanding of the world and humans in it.
I know this is very loosely connected to high school advice. Really, you could say I’m just using it as a platform to go on and on.
But hear me out. It can be pretty good stuff half the time. In terms of actual, concrete advice, I’m probably not the first guy to be asking.
But don’t slack off, and have some fun. As we all know, you’re only a teen once. Don’t be in any rush to grow up.
You only live once, so don’t hold back on the living.

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