Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Table Mountain: Views Of Beauty And History

Julianna Espinosa /
A view from Table Mountain, South Africa

By Julianna Espinosa
Junior Reporter
CAPE TOWN, South Africa – As we climbed up on the side of Table Mountain in a translucent cable car, we gazed in awe of the beautiful sight.
The Mountain is about 3,550 feet tall, and makes for a gorgeous view.
As I reached the top, I could see many different landscapes. There were areas of grassy shrubbery as well as mountainous cliffs to look down.
There’s a lot to do there, too – hike up the mountain, go rock climbing or mountain biking.
When I ventured along the mountain, I just took in the view.
The most breathtaking view was the one of Robben Island. Now a museum and heritage site, Robben Island formerly housed a notorious prison that held anti-apartheid activists, including Nelson Mandela, who later became the nation’s first democratically elected president.
To behold such a sight in South African history was incredible.
This was the experience of a lifetime, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys beautiful scenery and the great outdoors. 
Julianna Espinosa /
A view from Table Mountain

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