Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin Dems At Wit's End Over Walker

By Eli Winter
Junior Reporter
HOUSTON, Texas, U.S.A. – After infuriating Wisconsin Democrats with his budget proposal – which would save millions of dollars by eliminating almost all union rights for public workers – Gov. Scott Walker has them tearing their hair out by keeping his job.
Walker defeated a recall vote in a rare election Tuesday that was sought by Democrats and labor unions who wanted to prematurely end his tenure.
Walker has had more happen to him in two dinky little years as governor than most politicians have happen to them in a lifetime.
He helped put an end to Wisconsin inmates leaving prison on good behavior. He angered many state residents by proposing a budget repair bill that would effectively reduce civil servants’ salaries and eliminate almost all of their collective bargaining rights, with the exception of firefighters and police officers.
Walker’s actions inspired about a million state residents to sign the petition that spurred Tuesday’s recall election, making him only the third governor in American history to face one.
Now he’s the first man in history to survive one.
Walker said he’d made the difficult choices required to balance the Wisconsin budget, but many government workers didn’t think they were the right choices.
Even more annoyingly, he used a part of the state’s law for recall elections that allowed him to garner unlimited donations from supporters anywhere in America and did so with as much gusto as he could muster, raising $30 million in this manner and vastly outspending Democratic challenger Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, who raised about $4 million.
It was Barrett’s second loss to Walker; the two men ran against each other for the governor’s job in 2010.
Democrats feel they absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt have to win Wisconsin in November’s national presidential election.
In 2004, Wisconsin barely swung to the Democrats’ side, and in 2008 they easily gave incumbent President Barack Obama a large margin of victory.
Quite a bit of money raised by Walker went into a pro-Mitt Romney campaign to be implemented this November.
Even though Democrats are tearing their hair out with such force they will need copious amounts of Rogaine to get it back again, remember this, all you who supported Walker’s ousting:
Better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all.

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