Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer In Pakistan Means Luscious Melons

Arooj Khalid /

A watermelon seller in a Lahore, Pakistan market with his goods

By Arooj Khalid
LAHORE, Pakistan – I don’t know about others, but I love, love, love watermelons.
Ahh! They are so red, so juicy, so yummy, especially when chilled.
I am a total fan, and nowadays, you can see tons of watermelons everywhere in Lahore.
The melons here are part of the Sunday bazaar, and most weigh 3 or 4 kilograms – about 7.5 pounds – but there are heavier ones for those who want them.
They cost 20 Pakistani rupees per kilogram, or about 21 cents in the U.S. per 2.2 pounds.
Arooj Khalid /
At a watermelon stall in a Lahore bazaar, some look red because of the color of the tent overhead.

                                          Arooj Khalid /
Melons in the market in Lahore, Pakistan 


Unknown said...

Can you send one to me in Connectcut? They look amazing!

Mehmona Ruby said...

In summer you can send Fruit to your family .its a good gift:)Gifts to Pakistan