Sunday, June 17, 2012

Strategic Planning For A Father's Day Gift

From the archives: A Texas teen, Sam Naishtat, wrote this column for us a decade ago for Father's Day, June 15, 2002, and it still rings true:

Give Dad what he really wants this year
By Sam Naishtat
AUSTIN, Texas, U.S.A. -- So, it's Father's Day weekend yet again, and nowhere is Father's Day more richly celebrated than at my house.

Every year, we spend all of a grueling 16 seconds deciding what to get Dad for his day of days.

My brother will suggest something like socks.

"Socks?" I say, with an air of disgust.  "Do you not love our father?  Socks are the lowest of the low as far as presents go.  I suggest a tie!"  Read the rest of Sam's piece here.

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