Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ugandan Hip Hop Artist: Save The Trees

Bwette Daniels Gilbert /

In Uganda, hip hop artist Asolo Vannessa, known

as MC Flower, 
appears on stage with Nigerian-German

hip hop artist Nneka on the left and hip hop artist Keko
on the right in the sunglasses.

By Bwette Daniels Gilbert
Senior Reporter
KAMPALA, Uganda – Nine-year-old Ugandan hip hop artist Asolo Vannessa, who uses the stage name MC Flower, is taking her country by storm.
Bwette Daniels Gilbert /
MC Flower  performs 

Earth Day 2012

She’s a celebrity not only at Makindye Junior School, where she was just voted the entertainment minister for the second time, but in her community and nationally, as she is hitting every Ugandan television station.

She chose her stage name, she said, because her name Vannessa means flower.
Vanessa lives in the Lukuli zone and Makindye division of  Kampala, the capital city in Uganda.
To her, Earth Day might be a day where people around the world may discuss things affecting the Earth, whether it be littering garbage, deforestation or other worries.
Last year for Earth Day she said, a journalist friend, Grace Atuhaire, brought trees for them to plant in the community.
Bwette Daniels Gilbert /
Hip hop artist MC Flower, in the center, sits with her sister, 
Gift, on the left, and her father, Major Okoth, who is a major
in the Uganda People's Defence Force and a lawyer.

It was fun, she said.
This year, she wants to use her music to inform her friends and other children about the dangers of cutting down trees.
They might also pick up rubbish from the schoolyard if they’re allowed, she said.
In addition, this year, she's been invited to perform at a special Earth Day event. 


Asheville Tree Service said...

This is great, a hip hop artist that has to do with the environment and not bling bling bling!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous commenter! Also, a video of her performance would be great!