Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love And Death: 'Hunger Games' Is A Thriller

Promotional movie photo / Murray Close
Jennifer Lawrence, playing Katniss Everdeen,
Josh Hutcherson, playing Peeta Mellark, 
in The Hunger Games
By Yelena Samofalova
WEST HARTFORD, CT – Since it opened in theaters last week, thousands of teens rushed to see the long-awaited The Hunger Games. As expected, this awesome book was turned into a pretty amazing movie.            
The story centers on a future dystopian society, where 24 teenage “tributes” are chosen each year to fight to the death on a live television program called The Hunger Games.
The main character, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, takes her beloved sister Prim’s place in the Games but does everything she can to rebel against the evil rulers of Panem.
Along with her fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson, Katniss tries to show that the Capital doesn’t own them and that they will not just be pawns in their game.
Most teenage girls, as usual, are choosing whether Katniss should be with Peeta Mellark, who she’s been through a lot with, or her best friend from home, Gale Hawthorne, played by Liam Hemsworth.
My personal choice is “team Peeta,” and I think this is the popular decision.
When I saw the movie, at first I was completely starstruck and thought it was the best movie of all time. But when I thought about it further, I realized some of the flaws.
The lack of background music, especially in the first part, leads to some quiet moments in the theater.
All of the actors were well chosen to reflect their characters and were physically trained for months. I especially enjoyed the smoking hot Hutcherson in the role of Peeta.
I was satisfied with how it followed the events in the book. Some happenings were cut out or shortened, but otherwise it was accurate.
For example, the story of how Katniss got her mocking jay pin, a symbol for her, was changed to include her sister. A couple other parts from the description of her life were shortened as well, but most of the scenes of The Hunger Games were perfect.
What I liked most about the book were the vivid descriptions of the fighting scenes and of Katniss hunting. These were well incorporated into the movie because the graphics were amazing and the fighting scenes looking very realistic, even though it was only rated PG-13.
The love story between Katniss and Peeta was portrayed excellently, as well as how much Katniss loved her sister, Prim. The acting was good in general.
I also liked all the advanced technology in the city of Panem, which was brilliantly shown. There were holograms, screens in the sky, trains that go 200 miles per hour, and much more.
Overall, this was a great movie and kids will probably be talking about it for the next couple of months and then eagerly awaiting the sequel.

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