Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Young Voters Shrug Off Michigan Primary

Photo: Romney campaign
Mitt Romney, campaigning in Michigan

By Monica Blaze
WIXOM, Michigan -- With vicious advertisements already in place, and a current tight race, it will be a bitter fight for Republicans Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in today’s Michigan primary.
Romney is fighting to avoid an embarrassing home state loss, but Santorum’s efforts against him may be surprisingly stronger.  
With such an interesting race that includes one of Michigan’s own, it’s a shame that more young voters here aren’t following the election.
After sampling a few peers, it was obvious that the excitement of voting for the first time hasn’t reached our younger generation yet. Asked about the Michigan primary, the most common response among young people was simply, “I don’t follow politics.”
In a follow up question, most youth said they were content with President Barack Obama’s role in office.
Perhaps the hype of an election will hit young voters in time for November’s presidential election, though if their response to the primary is any indication, it doesn’t look promising.
Romney has home state advantages over Santorum for the Michigan primary, but votes may be skewed if there is a lack of voters.

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