Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sherlock's Game Of Shadows Offers Laughs

By Madison Pollard
Junior Reporter
LONDON, England – Though derided by some critics as lacking the joy and excitement of its predecessor, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a fun film worth seeing.
It’s true that some of the smart moments from the 2009 film seem to have been sacrificed in the second, to create space for the sequel’s more fast-paced fight sequences.
But the movie is still a successful portrayal of Conan Doyle’s original books.
Director Guy Ritchie never claimed to stick firmly to the original novel, The Adventure of the Final Problem. Yet, using this as the basis, he has succeeded in creating a set-up that leads inevitably to the fight at the Reichenbach Falls.

Re-using the style of scenes from the earlier film, Ritchie was able to give the audience an insight into the way that Holmes’ and Moriarty’s brains function, noticing every small detail, and being able to foresee sequences of actions.
This, added to the comedic scenes of a nude Mycroft Holmes, played by Stephen Fry, in conversation with Mary Watson, played by Kelly Reilly, whilst failing to notice her discomfort, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock blending into a chair using a custom-made camouflage suit, creates an easy air to the whole film.
Despite this, there is a lot of tension through a series of blunders, discoveries and trying circumstances.
For instance, it isn’t every day that you get thrown out of a train on your honeymoon after being attacked by unknown gunmen. Special credit must go to Noomi Rapace for her performance as Madam Simza Heron, and to Jude Law for his emotionally sensitive portrayal of Dr. Watson, particularly in the final minutes of the film.
Overall, it’s well worth seeing.
Don’t expect modernity, like in BBC’s Sherlock, or a rigid sticking to the original text, but if you are seeking a lively and humorous, well-shot adaptation, then this is the film for you.

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