Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A YJI Student Injured In Egyptian Protests

Yasser Alaa
One of our students – Yasser Alaa – was injured today during the protests in Alexandria, Egypt.
Yasser, 18, who has been taking photographs for Youth Journalism International since summer, was part of a group talking and joking around with police officers, seemingly having fun, when all of a sudden they opened fire with tear gas.
Demonstrators ran in every direction, some stumbling.
Yasser said he couldn’t find anyone to help him. He said he couldn’t breathe or see anything because of the thick smoke from the cannisters.
Eventually, Yasser said he fainted from the gas and fell in the street.
He woke up after someone carried him to safety, but then he felt a stranger grab his camera from his hand and take off. A girl who fell nearby had her purse stolen as well, he said.
As he looked around, he saw someone bleeding. He said he felt terrified and worried he would die there.
But Yasser is now safely at home, feeling "very sick now" and finding it difficult to breathe.
"I can't imagine what's happened to us today," he said.
Please keep him in your prayers and also his country, which deserves better.
We will update this as we learn more.
Meantime, if anyone has the means to help Yasser get a new camera, send us a note. He has started a photography business and has real talent. Check out  his work here. He obviously needs a camera.


Mariah said...

I'm so sorry Yasser. You are incredibly brave and we are all thinking about you!

peace03 said...

I pray you get better Yasser. We are thinking of all you brave YJI members in Egypt.

portalbleapllication said...

get better soon brother

polly said...

u r really brave...........

polly said...

u r really brave yasser

ricomoco said...

I agree with a lot of what you're saying here but it could do with more detail. They stayed away in droves.