Thursday, October 20, 2011

Will Libya Be Better Off With Qaddafi Dead?

By Narine Daneghyan
YEREVAN, Armenia – We don’t yet know what will happen to Libya following the death of former dictator Muammar Qaddafi.
One thing is certain: Qaddafi was no saint.
Qaddafi clearly made many wrong steps during his 42 years as a dictator. But the problems run deeper than we can imagine.
It’s not just Qaddafi's fault that the revolution in Libya happened. It's not only his fault that so many people were killed.
Let's admit that many sides were guilty for all that happened.
Qaddafi was one of the few secular leaders in the Arab world. Because he did not believe in Islamic fundamentalism, Libyan women were able to go to school, join the army and otherwise participate fully in society.
Though this is a positive point on Qaddafi's side, I don't want to make him into a saint, merely point out that he wasn’t all bad.
So I can't tell right know what will happen in Libya with Qaddafi dead.
After so many years, nobody can know for sure if the country will be better off or not.

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sugarpeach said...

I am a firm believer that no leader should monopolize power for too long. Gaddafi did just that. The revolution would not have happened if he did not stay in power this long. The revolution would not have happened if he and his family amass billions of dollars while Libyans starved. The revolution would not have happened if he had not brutally silenced all who spoke out against him so that the people lived in fear.

My point is that Gaddhafi and his family are the only ones to be held responsible for this bloody revolution. Maybe it's because that most of us live in countries where the political situations aren't that bad that we can't fully sympathize with what the Libyans went through.

Yes, he was one of the few secular leaders in the Arab world. It's no wonder the women in his family posed in bikinis and even stripped for porno photographs. It's no wonder they drank alcohol. As Muslims, these are a big NO for them. One rule applies for his people, but it doesn't apply for him.