Monday, September 26, 2011

Noori Concert Opens College Year In Karachi

Shahmir Ahsanullah /
Ali Noor performs at the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali
Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology
in Karachi, Pakistan last week

By Waleed Tariq
Senior Reporter
KARACHI, Pakistan – Noori, a rock band from Lahore, took the stage to open the school year as the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) welcomed its new and returning students in its own unique way.
Noori played at the SZABIST Student Council’s Fall Welcome Concert last week, drawing more than 600 students at the campus' 100 Garden.

After a host of other events, the organizers of Freshmen Induction ’11 rounded up a very successful Week of Welcome. It was a fun-filled episode put together with a night with Noori, where the students put on their dancing shoes and swayed to the enticing music.
The Sept. 20 Noori performance was the first time that a concert has been a part of the University’s Welcome Week events.

The show began at 10 p.m. sharp, and brought in almost 650 students by then, said Omar Sarwana, sales lead of the student council.
With more than enough registrations for the concert, the lawn was packed with students excitedly pouring in, ready for a great night.
Shahmir Ahsanullah /
Ali Noor interacts with the crowd
“It’s been great here. I love it,” said social sciences senior Rida Fatima. “It’s always worth it to be at a Noori concert, and after a solo performance by Gumby, it’s completely awesome.”
The band rallied the audience by playing “Manwa Re” and “Dil Ki Kasam,” upon which they continued to belt out their other classic numbers.
“It’s a great event – epic performance by Noori, and I’ve enjoyed a lot after a very long time,” Batool Zahid said. “It’s like being back in your teens.”
Other than Noori, Jumbo Jutt, an emerging local rock band, also played. Moreover, Zab Olympics, the campus’ own version of Olympic sports, and a Societies Fair were also a part of the Welcome Week activities.
With the entire administration and seniors welcoming the flock of new students, SZABIST pulled off a great night and a successful Week of Welcome, setting a promising example for future student councils at the campus.
Shahmir Ahsanullah /
Noori on stage at SZABIST last week, welcoming new and returning students

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