Monday, September 26, 2011

Armenia Celebrates 20 Years Of Freedom

Planes display Armenian flag colors as they fly by.
Immediately below, soldiers marched in the Independence Day Parade in Yerevan.

By Narine Daneghyan
YEREVAN, Armenia – Though Armenia is an ancient country with a history stretching back thousands of years, it recently celebrated its 20th year of independence.
Armenia marked its Independence Day on September 21, celebrating the restoration of its republic after 70 years of occupation by the Soviet Union.
The festivities started with a military parade in the Republic Square of Yerevan, the capital.
King Argishiti, who ruled 2,700 years ago,
Narine Daneghyan
and a guard on Northern Avenue, Yerevan.
The biggest display of the country’s military might in five years, the parade featured thousands of troops as well as tanks, artillery systems, warplanes and other military hardware.
Armenia’s political leadership, ambassadors of different countries and thousands of ordinary people watched the parade through the city’s main square.
There were also mass celebrations all over the country.
Republic Square
Traditional Armenia fashions
The “Heroic Ballade” concert performance was the main event for the 20th anniversary of independence. It presented the key episodes of Armenian history accompanied by classical works of famous Armenian composers.
Using 3-D graphics, the show turned the buildings of the Republic Square into screens displaying episodes of the history of the two decades of independence. Its fountains, including new moveable ones, served as water screens.
Colorful fireworks completed the performance.
Narine Daneghyan beside a military truck.

Art exhibit on Northern Avenue, Yerevan.

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