Friday, August 12, 2011

How You Can Help YJI

Youth Journalism International is a tiny nonprofit -- or non-governmental organization -- that is based in the United States. Formally recognized as a 501(c)(3) public educational charity, it serves as a training ground for aspiring young journalists and has created a close-knit global community of young writers who are intent on making a difference in the world.
What YJI needs more than anything is money so that we can hire professional staff that can deliver more one-on-one attention to young people and cope with a growing waiting list of students yearning to join. Students participate for free -- an important goal for us -- so we are dependent on the generosity of others.
If you can help us with a donation or by assisting us to raise funds, we would be grateful. Any donations to YJI are tax-deductible in the United States.
But if you're struggling, too, we understand.
There are plenty of other ways to lend a hand.
One is just to read the stories that YJI students write. They appear on this blog -- -- and on the organization's website,
You can also post links to those stories and websites on any blogs or sites you have or on your Facebook or other social media page. Help us find more readers and you will help us find more fans.
On Facebook, you can go to the Youth Journalism International page and just click like. It's a small thing, yes, but it also boosts our readership and the attention given to YJI. You can find it at
If you're on Twitter, you can reTweet our stuff from @yjinternational and @jackiemajerus. Every little bit helps.
Anyplace you can write about Youth Journalism International, from the op-ed page of The New York Times to your Facebook Wall, may bring us more attention. If you write something nice, so much the better!
If you've been following what YJI does, consider writing a review of Youth Journalism International on the wonderful GreatNonProfits site, which includes tons of review of charities around the world. You can find ours here.
If you want to donate money to YJI, you can send us a check or you can donate online. It appears the best place to donate online -- the one that gives us the biggest percentage of the money --is on CauseCast. That link is here.
In a week and a half, YJI will be featured on a Groupon fundraiser that requires at least 60 people to donate $10 apiece in the course of three days. If you can be one of those 60, that would be a big help. We'll post details when we have them.
If you have ideas about something you could do, let us know. We're eager to find ways to use the awesome power of our worldwide audience to help YJI flourish.
Oh, yeah, one more thing you can do? Link to this blog entry!

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