Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grieving Parents And Dead Children

Fifteen years ago, Youth Journalism International students Amanda Lehmert, Brian LaRue and Danielle Ouimet tackled one of the toughest stories imaginable: teen suicide. Here's their story:

Every parent thinks that they know their child better than anyone else. But what happens when they don't know enough to save his life?
Maria Torza and John Krupski's teenage son, Neil, was an outgoing, funny kid with a lot of friends, and seemingly normal teenage problems. Then his mother found him soaking wet and limp in her car, overdosed on pills.
Four days later, with their son in a coma, his parents made the heartbreaking decision to take Neil off life support.
Years earlier, another mother who asked to remain anonymous thought her son Jason (not his real name) seemed an average kid who loved his dog and his car. He just happened to have numerous health problems.
One morning she found him under a blanket.
``He had shot himself in the head,'' she said, ``You have no idea. You can't even imagine what he looked like.''

For the rest of the story, click here. And to see more YJI stories about teen suicide, click here.

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