Saturday, July 23, 2011

YJI Summer Party 2011

Youth Journalism International students, alumni and friends gathered today for our annual summer party. The award for coming the farthest went to Noah Kidron-Style, who lives in London, England. Teague Neal, who lives in Toronto, Canada, also made it, as he has for seven years.
On a brutally hot day, we had more food than we could eat, including brownies made by Stefan Koski, a watermelon salad from Jennifer Rajotte, ice cream and both lemon and raspberry sorbet.
For as long as Youth Journalism International has been around -- 17 years -- it's been holding parties every summer and during the holidays that bring our far-flung but close knit community together. It's just one of many YJI traditions that help make this Connecticut-based nonprofit unique and wonderful.
We're grateful that so many people try so hard to come.

Danielle Letourneau, one of many YJI alums at the party.

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