Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sitting in Rupert Murdoch's Very Own Chair

Back in 2008, Youth Journalism International reporter Alex Patrikios got the chance to sit in media baron Rupert Murdoch's very own desk chair back in Australia. Here is her account:

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – It had started as just another work experience placement, and for all my wistful aspirations, I had begun the week prepared to spend four of my five days making coffees and copies.

It would be best, I reasoned, to have low expectations as I embarked on a week at The Herald Sun. That way, I figured, I could only be pleasantly surprised. When I relayed this contention to Mother Dearest, however, she simply scolded me for being so “cynically optimistic.”

Little did I know that, come Friday, I would have played supermodel at a photo-shoot, waxed lyrical with a librarian about tennis, unearthed an 1852 newspaper – complete with an 1852 advertisement for fly spray – and, come Friday, made the dramatic transition from student to CEO. Sort of.

This is, I'm told, where ‘Rupert’ sits. Indeed, atop the 13th floor (something of a Shangri-La; a lofty executive stronghold), I'm relishing the chance to just take in the view. The spire of the Arts Centre teeters in my periphery, and after squinting to clarify, I spy a ballerina posing for a photo-shoot – on the roof of the theatre.

Just another day at the office, I think, reclining back into Mr. Murdoch's padded seat. Click here to read the rest.

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