Friday, July 15, 2011

Farewell To Harry Potter - And To Childhood

By Nicole Hendry
Junior Reporter
Youth Journalism International
BIRMINGHAM, England – At the grand old age of 17, I first picked up Harry Potter, aged six and I haven't looked back since.
From the first book I read by myself to the last gift my dad ever gave me, I cannot remember a time I have not been in anticipation of a new Potter release.
Now I find myself preparing to leave school, find a university, learn to drive and create a career. Just as Harry Potter ends.
For many my age who have grown up with the series, the final film marks the end of an era and we find ourselves emotional not only for the end of the experience, but for the childhood we now realize we are leaving behind.
Harry Potter sums up all that is brilliant about literature.
It transcends age divides, it is appreciated all over the world and inspired many children to learn the value of the written word.
It encapsulates perfectly the idea that one book can mean so many things to so many people.
And for those who don't like it, I can tell you; you are seriously missing out.
For now though, the series is concluded. Until I pick up the books again, as I undoubtedly will, ‘Mischief Managed.’

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