Thursday, March 17, 2011

Remembering Limerick's Frank McCourt

Two years ago, YJI senior reporter Marese Heffernan of Limerick, Ireland, wrote this tribute to the late Frank McCourt, a teacher and author of the memoir Angela's Ashes, which told the tale of his childhood in Limerick.
A Limerick street
Photo by Marese Heffernan
November 23, 2009
By Marese Heffernan
Senior reporter
LIMERICK, Ireland – At the age of 19, Frank McCourt left is hometown of Limerick and set sail to follow a life of dreams in America. It was there that he created his life, wrote his first masterpiece, Angela’s Ashes, reached the heights of fame and notability and most importantly, shared his incredible story with the world.
It was in New York City that Frank McCourt died last July, far from the town of so many of his childhood memories.
McCourt may have left Limerick long ago, but he took the time to make it known to the world that Limerick never left him.    To read the rest, click on this link.

The River Shannon in Limerick
Photo by Marese Heffernan

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