Sunday, January 30, 2011

Elsayed On U.S. Radio Today

Youth Journalism International Senior Reporter Jessica Elsayed will be featured on KPFK in California in a little while. Elsayed is reporting on the Egyptian revolution for YJI.
Elsayed, 17, was interviewed by Ian Masters for his "Background Briefing" show that airs at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or at 11 a.m. West Coast time.
You can listen to her live by clicking here.
The station airs in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego and beyond.
With luck, an archived version of the show will be available later at this link.

Update: Listen to the Jan. 30, 2011 Background Briefing show at this link to hear Jessica talk about the situation in Egypt. She's on for the first half hour.


Martha Ciattei said...

Absolutely amazing interview! You were so clear and informative! Being only 17 years old! You have a magnificent future before you!

I pray for peace in Egypt and am truly humble before the people of Egypt who are being so inspirational and courageous. God and Allah bless you all! I await your complete victory with joy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, amazing. I'll tell my students at California State University Los Angeles to check out your posts. Your fight is for all of us!

The link for the Jan. 30th interview with Ian Masters is actually found here,

Masters will most certainly have more interviews on Egypt this week.

Ian Masters Production said...

I just posted the interview to this site:

Thanks to YJI and Jessica. It was really great for us.

BTW--we have other interviews from Egypt on the site, and more coming on today's program. 5 PM pacific/8 PM EST

Spencer Downing
Producer, "Background Briefing with Ian Masters"