Monday, December 13, 2010

Oregon Youth Shaken By Bomb Scare

December 13, 2010
An Oregon city finds itself a terror target
By Talon Bronson
PORTLAND, Oregon, U.S.A. – The idea that someone sought to set off a bomb during the city’s recent Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Pioneer Park has unsettled the Portland community.
“It’s something that feels weird, knowing it could happen here. I mean, it didn’t happen, but just that it almost did,” said Josiah Miller, 22.
Since the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, for allegedly seeking to bomb the ceremony – officials said he didn’t know the bomb was fake when he tried to set it off – residents have a shared feeling of disillusionment.
“I think almost everyone is going to feel like that, like it’s something that isn’t real, Brandon M. Sanders, 19, said.
After all, people said, Portland isn’t New York City or Los Angeles. It’s not a place where anyone expects to become the target of terrorism. 
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