Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Nebraska Boy Meets Rosa Parks

When civil rights hero Rosa Parks died, YJI reporter Zach Brokenrope joined other youth in paying tribute. Then a Nebraska teenager, Zach recalled his introduction to Parks in third grade, thanks to a teacher who made sure the kids knew who she was and the role she played in American history.

October 27, 2005
-- Opinion --
How Rosa Parks changed the world
By Zach Brokenrope
I remember hearing Rosa Parks’ name for the first time when I was in third grade.
It was black history month and Mrs. Deines raised an old black and white picture in front of the class.
“Does anyone know who this is?” she asked in her nasally voice.
We all leaned forward in our desks to examine the picture. The woman was African American and not that old, her head was turned slightly, and she was staring out a white window.
I had never seen the woman before, and I guess no one else did since nobody raised a hand.
“This is Rosa Parks,” Mrs. Deines said, “and she helped change the world.”
I know what you’re thinking: there’s no way I can remember exact words from a conversation that took place when I was 9. But I do, and it’s because ever since then, I’ve wanted to change the world, too.
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