Friday, December 31, 2010

Karachi Welcomes 2011 With Fireworks

Waleed Tariq snapped this shot of the fireworks at Sea View Beach in Karachi, Pakistan

By Waleed Tariq
Junior Reporter
Youth Journalism International

KARACHI, Pakistan - With the continuing flow of Western culture, this age of globalization has created an outburst of diverse celebrations in Pakistan. Halloween, Christmas and even New Year’s Eve are celebrated almost with the fervor seen in the West.

New Year’s gets maximum attention here from the media and those who just love the idea of a new beginning.

The new year is welcomed by the lots of special activities, including television coverage, parties, get-togethers and most importantly hanging out at the Karachi Beach.

This time, for the first time in Karachi, fireworks were arranged by the Karachi Port Trust authorities at Sea View where thousands were set to celebrate the new year on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

Despite a challenging security situation, 2011 was warmly welcomed.

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