Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Girlfriend Planned a Christmas Surprise

Here's a holiday flashback to get the season glowing. Monica Gleberman, a New York teen in 2004, wrote a piece for YJI about approaching the holidays with a new boyfriend:

December 6, 2004
-- First-person --
Young love at Christmas
By Monica Gleberman
When I was little, I knew what made December so special.
It wasn’t because it snowed, or even because it’s the month I was born. It’s because during December all of the houses on my block are decorated with lights and I know that’s a sign that Christmas is near.
Growing up, my parents were amazing when it came to Christmas. I lived in a house where Santa ate all the cookies, drank the milk we left out, and, for some reason, in the morning he would leave presents that both my parents knew about.
My parents were always willing to help my brother and I stay up late at night waiting for Santa. Eventually we would fall asleep, leaving my parents to work.
I am not new to Christmas. I have been celebrating it as long as I can remember. Some of my best memories of home involve this holiday.
Every single year is basically the same. We always decorate the tree, help my mom out with cooking an awesome Christmas dinner, talk to my extended family, and then go to sleep in hope that morning will come a lot sooner than I think it will.
However, this year isn’t going to be like the last. I am a lot older and I now have a boyfriend.
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