Monday, December 6, 2010

A Dutch Tradition That's Not So Sweet

Click HereEvery nation has its holiday traditions, and we here at YJI encourage students to write about them. It's a great way to share customs and culture, and sometimes its gets more than interesting.

A year ago, Cara Nelissen, now a senior reporter, wrote about the Dutch tradition of celebrating the celebration of Sinterklaas.

Her revealing work, which explored the controversy over the Santa-like Sinterklaas' use of a cartoonish blackskinned helper named "Black Pete," won Nelissen the coveted Frank Keegan "Take No Prisoners" Award for News in  Youth Journalism International's 2010 Awards for Excellence.

The googly-eyed doll in the photo is one of many pictures Cara took to go along with her story to show what "Zwarte Piet" looks like in stores in her hometown in the Netherlands.

The link to Cara's story is here:

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