Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Afghan Student Called For Peaceful Protest Over Cartoons

Today, the Christian Science Monitor and other news organizations reported that the Danish intelligence agency had arrested five men in an alleged terror plot against Jyllands-Posten, a Danish newspaper that ran cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in September, 2005 that offended many Muslims.

Riots in the Muslim world in the months that followed prompted Edrees Kakar, then a teenage refugee living in Peshawar, Pakistan and a YJI student, to write this opinion piece calling for both restraint and respect. It's worth repeating.

Edrees, now a senior reporter for YJI and a member of its board of directors, attends the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul.

-- Opinion --
Protest peacefully against anti-Muslim cartoons

By Edrees Kakar

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (April 9, 2006) -- In the world where we live, there are different religions and faiths.

Every person has the full right to believe in any of the religions according to their own understandings.

Indeed, religions are the main pathway of humanity, and every religion talks about friendship and peace between people.

Islam, which is one of the largest religions with more than a billion believers, is a balanced faith. Following the teachings of Islam, Muslims respect all other religions and faiths in addition to their own.

From the Muslims point of view, however, Islam is the last of the religions and its book, the Koran, is the complete one.

That is why we Muslims make Islam their religious priority.

Outside of religion, democracy under human laws is a blessing. As people, we have the right to live life to the fullest in a democratic society.

As the outward appearance of every one of us is unique, so, too, is everyone’s imagination and ideology different.

Every person has got the right to have freedom of speech, ideology and imagination and to express comments on each issue, but we must be careful not to harm anyone while doing it and not to torture anyone’s heart in the process, either.

To read the rest of this piece by Edrees, click on this link.

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