Monday, November 22, 2010

YJI Egyptian Student Attending Global Youth Summit

We love to share the good news about our high achieving students at Youth Journalism International.

Jessica Elsayed, a teen writer who lives in Egypt, is attending the Global Youth Summit 2010 in London this week.

She's thrilled to be there, and we're excited for her. We know they made an excellent choice in selecting Jessica, a bright, enthusiastic and good-hearted young woman who is eager to make a difference in our world.

She's already making a difference through her work with YJI.

Her first piece for YJI, which she wrote last spring, was her account of a speech in Alexandria, Egypt, by Nobel Prize winner Ahmed Zewail, a reknowned chemist and a native of Egypt. The photo below is one she took of the Alexandria Creativity Center, where Zewail spoke.

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A Genius Comes Home to Egypt
By Jessica Elsayed
Junior reporter, Youth Journalism International
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – Proud and raggedy, the yellow and black taxi I’m riding in speeds by the very place an Egyptian-born Nobel Prize winner Ahmed Zewail spent his early years aspiring to go farther than any humble Alexandria University student ever had before.
Captured by the mere excitement of seeing Zewail in flesh and bones, I knew the taxi driver sensed my enthusiasm as I repeatedly looked out the window, then hurriedly scratched these comments.
When I told my friends I was going to see him, they laughed and said, “You can barely pass chemistry class.”
The truth is, I am not captivated by Zewail’s chemical genius, but by his pure intellect and simple yet dense theories on the world, by his success in breaking through in a place where only people with powerful connections and money can succeed and most of all, by his belief that all of us have the potential to make something of ourselves.

To read the rest of Jessica's piece, click here:

Jessica's most recent contribution was the ongoing Ramadan journal that ran on this blog and in The Tattoo international teen newspaper (

Congratulations, Jessica, on being part of the Global Youth Summit in London. We're proud to have you as an active student at Youth Journalism International!

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