Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving After a Hurricane

YJI writer Samantha Perez, a native of St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, wrote a moving year-long journal about her life during and after Hurricane Katrina hit her town in 2005, at the start of her senior year of high school.
Within this incredible story is one Thanksgiving.
I don't recommend reading just a single piece of Sam's work, because every word is worth your time. But today, as Americans prepare for a holiday of bounty and gratitude, here's a glimpse of her family's Thanksgiving table that year:

November 25, 2005
-- Hurricane Journal --
Giving thanks for good friends
By Samantha Perez
Friday, Nov. 25, , Ponchatoula , Louisiana  
Yesterday was Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t like any Thanksgiving I’ve ever had before. I don’t think it was bad, though. It really wasn’t bad. It was just … different. It’s something of the new life, not the old one where everyone piled around our table and ate turkey and casserole and good bread from the bakery.
I woke up yesterday morning, but instead of smelling the warm cooking from the kitchen, I just smelled the camper. Plastic smell. I woke up and got dressed, and then I sat myself down and wrote for a long time. Writing is therapy.
Mom went to her parents in the house trailer they are living in now. She went there to cook because cooking is virtually impossible in the camper. Dad and I stayed here until she called a little after , telling us that our Thanksgiving spaghetti was ready.
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