Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teen Lashes Out at Explicit Media

We here at Youth Journalism International have a lot of faith in teenagers. We've worked with so many great young people that we have high hopes for the future of our world.
Junior reporter Cresonia Hsieh, a teen living in Knoxville, Tenn., U.S.A., weighed in recently about how the media - movies, music, magazines and television - make it tough for teens to keep on the right path. She's the girl who recently wrote a compelling piece about Tyler Clementi, who had been part of her church youth group when she lived in New Jersey.
In the photo, Cresonia is the one on the right.
Teens Bombarded By Bad Images To read the rest of what Cresonia had to say, click on this link: http://tinyurl.com/37gwbmu
By Cresonia Hsieh
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., U.S.A. -- Teens are constantly fighting a battle today to do and be the right thing.
But from music lyrics to explicit movie scenes, magazine headlines to dirty television advertisements, media constantly fills the young adults of 2010 with the wrong message.
As MTV would advise, just “live above the influence” but it is all too easy for teens to come across an advertisement luring its prey into the temptations of sex, drugs, and alcohol.
With just the flip of a switch, images of seductive Victoria Secret models flaunting nearly naked shimmering bodies in front of flashing cameras pop up, before it’s possible to change the channel.

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