Saturday, November 20, 2010

Putting A Korean-Vegetarian Spin on Thanksgiving

Michel Lee was a teen living in California and a reporter for Youth Journalism International in 2005 when she shared with readers her family's lovely approach to the classic American holiday of Thanksgiving.
Michel's piece will give pause to anyone who knows and loves Thanksgiving the way it's typically celebrated, and will offer a fresh perspective on an old tradition.

Between Plymouth Rock and a hard place
By Michel Lee
Thanksgiving is truly a unique experience in the Lee household. 
In addition to the fact that all seven of us are extremely hearty eaters, we are all vegetarians (with the exception of my father). Now, normally, being vegetarian wouldn't be such a problem.
But at Thanksgiving, when families across the United States celebrate the quintessential American holiday, our family finds itself between Plymouth Rock and a hard place.
Check out the rest of Michel's insightful piece here:

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