Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Decade of Harry Potter

More than 10 years ago, YJI reporter Katie Jordan wrote a story about a character that was taking her school and town by storm -- Harry Potter.
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Katie was in middle school then, a young teenager. She stuck with YJI and wrote many news stories and delightful columns as well as drew clever cartoons as one of our students. Today she's a college graduate and an editor for YJI.

But I digress. The new Harry Potter movie is coming out this week and in the interests of offering a refresher course, YJI is taking a trip down memory lane with Harry.

Our students -- Katie and many others -- have written quite a bit about Harry over the years. Let's start with our first piece, from April 10, 2000:

Bristol under Harry Potter's spell

By Katie Jordan

Harry Potter and his friends have practically invaded Bristol - children, teens, and adults all over the city are reading about them.

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