Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deadly Deals

The day after Thanksgiving is known in some countries as Black Friday because retailers hope they'll be "in the black" as the Christmas shopping season begins. Two years ago, though, a Wal-Mart employee died when he was trampled to death by shoppers eager to get in the door, compelling YJI reporter Kiernan Majerus-Colllins to weigh in with this commentary:

December 1, 2008
-- Opinion --
Dying for a deal
By Kiernan Majerus-Collins
Reporter, Youth Journalism International

The greed of consumer Americans can only go so far, right? I know some are desperate for a deal, but it’s not like they’d kill anyone?
Early Friday morning ,a part-time Wal-Mart worker in New York was trampled to death by scores of over-competitive shoppers looking for the best price on whatever they wanted to buy. The man had the job of opening the doors, and must have been surprised when the doors busted open, falling on him. The two thousand outside came storming in, using the employee’s body as a doormat.
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