Monday, November 22, 2010

Brilliance In Pen and Ink Drawings

Every student who sticks with YJI for any length of time shines in his or her own way. Two of our cartoonists were especially prolific in their high school years. One is Justin Skaradosky of Connecticut, U.S.A., a quiet and intelligent young man whose brilliance emerged time and time again through his art. He constantly amazed us with a seemingly endless supply of cartoons that were both funny and thought-provoking.
We were thrilled to have his active participation for years and are still using his work, more than a year after his graduation.
One of his cartoons was published today at, and the one above is a personal favorite of mine from 2006. If you do check out his work published today, don't stop there. Find Justin in the writer's index, at the top of the left hand side of the homepage, highlighted in yellow. You can find links to all his work there. It's great stuff.
Justin, now in college, honored us earlier this year by writing a review of YJI for, which helps evaluate non-profit organizations.
An excerpt of Justin's review is below:
In a world that increasingly emphasizes the importance of math and sciences, the only artistic output most can find in high school is through delicately arranging bar graphs on their TI-83. I ruled out high school art classes because I didn't want to paint pictures of my cat or make pots to put fancy flowers in. I needed a place where my opinion could be heard and at the same time build a portfolio for myself ... I found my niche in the group as a cartoonist, and the group became a stepping stone for who I am today. I gained self confidence and a desire to express my opinion that I had failed to find elsewhere.
Read the rest of what Justin wrote by following this link:

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