Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Boy In The Hot Pink Cast

Here's Conrad Sloane, a YJI teen reporter in Georgia. He's also a proud member of the Civil Air Patrol who, for a time, went about his duties wearing a hot pink cast. He wrote about it in his first piece for YJI this fall. You'll want to hear his story directly from him:

Hook shots in a hot pink cast

By Conrad Sloane

Junior Reporter, Youth Journalism International

KENNESAW, Georgia, U.S.A. – Ever play knockout? Ever win knockout? Ever done both of those things while wearing a hot pink cast?

Hi. I'm Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Conrad Sloane, a first year male freshman cadet in the Civil Air Patrol Program in Atlanta, Georgia.

Last fall, I was playing a football game in the Salvation Army Football League when I broke my left leg while defending a pass. Laying there on the ground, quite a few things ran through my mind, including what was going to happen at school when I got back.

What am I going to do about getting to school? How am I going to get around? Who's going to carry my backpack? Will I still be able to wear my uniform? What will my friends think?

These and many more questions awaited answers that long day.

That first Monday back, I arrived at school to find myself welcomed back warmly and with open arms ... literally.

People left and right kept on wanting to give me hugs, so much so that it got tiring by the end of the day with people still wanting to hug me.

I knew I had quite a few friends, but this was astonishing! Not only were people I rarely said hi to asking me how I felt, they were asking me if they could do anything to help me. It really just blew me away. Read the whole story

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