Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Remembering Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi, with his church youth group last year. (photo provided)

By Cresonia Hsieh
Junior Reporter, Youth Journalism International

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., U.S.A. – The sanctuary, or “big church” as we called it, looked plain and old with its dark brown pews, walls painted off white and a deep red carpet.
Though New Jersey’s Grace Church had a rather boring appearance at first, rays of sunlight poured from large glass windows and the people who packed the pews and worshiped the Lord with music and sermons filled it with enthusiasm and life.
Among the nearly 200 people gathered on Sunday mornings at Grace Church, one teenage boy captured everyone’s ear. Tyler Clementi, a red-haired boy with round glasses and brown freckles spotting his serious but composed face, stood up front, off to the side.
He was reserved and didn’t stand out as either incredibly tall or muscular.
It was Tyler’s music that turned heads to stop and stare.
As he played his violin during worship hymns or church offerings, Tyler’s sound was clear as a bell.
It cut through the silent church, mesmerizing everyone in the room.
The notes he played were ever-changing, but always smooth and soothing.
Tyler played with passion and grace with every stroke of his arm and touch of his delicate fingers to the strings.
There aren’t really any words to fully describe the beauty of his music, but I can say that he was an incredibly talented violinist with a promising and bright future ahead of him.
Not only was he gifted in the arts, but he was very involved in our little church, attending many youth group activities and never ceasing to amaze us all every Sunday morning.
Tragically, a horrible act of bullying and cruelty is the reason to why this is all I know, or will ever know, about the young and gifted Tyler Clementi.  Click here for the full story.

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