Friday, October 29, 2010

Coast To Coast For Charity

Here's an adventure story just perfect for Youth Journalism International. It involves two young men from different parts of the United States and a buddy from Australia, challenging themselves to the ride of a lifetime for the good of African children.
Youth Journalism International reporter Talon Bronson did a terrific job writing a news story about their their charitable journey. Thanks to rider James Groeneveld for supplying us with awesome photos from the trip.
The three young college men pictured above (left to right: Trey Meyer of New Orleans, Tom Foley Jr. of Connecticut and James Groeneveld of Brisbane, Australia), pedaled across America this summer to raise money for bikes for Zambian kids.
They started on the Atlantic coast in Virginia, crossed several mountain ranges, saw buffalo and bear, long stretches of highway and gorgous sunsets. They slept in tents, churches, private homes, motels and even a fire station.
Motivated by a desire to raise money for children in Zambia to have bikes to ride to school, the three friends biked all the way to Oregon's Pacific coast.
As their journey neared its end, they met up with Talon in Portland, Oregon, and shared their story.
Talon's piece for Youth Journalism International starts below:

PORTLAND, Oregon, U.S.A. – In Western Missouri, a few days out from Kansas, the weather took a turn for the worse.
The pressure dropped in the area, the first sign of the beginning of a tornado, formed by the movement of a cloud close to the ground, rapidly rising, creating a mini vacuum beneath it.
A cloud has to be of just the right size to become a tornado, of course. If the cloud is too big, it will not precipitate uniformly, and so not rise uniformly, but rather, in sections. On the other hand, a cloud that is too small will not produce enough precipitation to create the pressure underneath needed for the formation.
On that day, it was Tom Foley Jr., Trey Meyer, and James Groeneveld’s luck that the clouds were just right.

Read the whole story here:

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