Thursday, February 26, 2009

YJI writers tell stories from Kabul to Karneval

From left to right: Nabi, Hamid and Shoaib

Edrees Kakar/Youth Journalism International

Three boys in Kabul, Afghanistan head out after school -- even in the middle of Afghanistan's harsh winter -- to sell Lay's potato chips to those passing by in a park. It's what it takes for their families to get by.
Senior reporter Edrees Kakar, who lives in Kabul, tells their story in It's one you won't forget.
In the same Tattoo issue, three other young writers for Youth Journalism International take a look at the steroid controversy swirling around New York Yankees' baseball great Alex Rodriguez. They don't like what they see.
Be sure to catch what New Yorker Luke Pearson and Connecticut teens Clare Hern and Rocco DiTaranto have to say about A-Rod.
In addition, senior reporter Katie Grosser in Germany gives a peek at how Karneval is celebrated in her country, complete with compelling pictures.
And last, but not least, junior reporter Janani Ramachandran has a piece about bringing books to poor students in her native Bangalore, India.